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This is our campaign’s wiki Main Page. You can learn more about the progress of our campaign here, as well as interesting non-player characters, mysterious artifacts, and details of the world of the Inner Sea region of the World of Golarion.

The campaign begins in the small logging town of Falcon’s Hollow within the Darkmoon Vale.

We will be adding materials here, as the adventuring progresses.

Leading characters

Strego, half-orc sorcerer/paladin. He hails from Falcon’s Hollow and is now beginning to pursue the path of an Oracle, as well as his Paladin and Sorcerer talents.

Grumble, dwarven cleric. He is from one of the larger cities to the south… he is a loyal follower of Torag, the forge father.

, elf wizard.

Evojin, Halfling Rogue

Notable NPCs

Thuldrin Kreed: Lumber consortium boss man and default mayor of Falcon’s Hollow
Trig: Peasant boy in village, he wants to become like Wulfgar or Rauri
Siobhan: Rauri’s young girlfriend in Falcon’s Hollow
Krithos: Junior Eagle Knight and childhood friend of Merrin
Mirsch: Priest of Torag in Detmer
Gaeref: Mysterious and insanely strong teenage dwarf
Korinn: Young female dwarf with interest in Grumble
Captain Torgensen: Chief of Druma City guard, suspected to have an alliance with the Red Rock Guild (or what’s left of it)
Alan: A traveling bard, often impulsive, looking for his sister in Pitax within The River Kingdoms
Tearen Morgenson: Successful merchant and captain of the silver salamander
Linnea: Tearen’s half-elf first mate
Sir Wallace: Retired veteran of the Eagle Knights in Eston (boundary region between Druma and The River Kingdoms)
Tressa: Wise healer and seer in Riverton
Shizok: Sorcerer with some fey blood, plans to meet up with the band of heroic Andorrans again
Lady Janna Smilos: Supreme Vessel of the Assassins’ Guild in Daggermark. She ascended to the leadership of the Yenchabur Assassins at a young age
Mariam: Wizened soothsayer and oracle first encountered in Daggermark, traveling north to help hold the line against the horde from the World Wound
Dareth: Retired farmer, rewarded party for rescuing his daughter with a deed to his family farm (abandoned) which lies between Echo Wood (east) and Castle Urion (northwest)
Jearmeth: Demonologist Wizard, Merrin’s arch rival. First encountered in Daggermark
Merdado, proprietor of the Timbledon Inn
Paedon, charismatic half-elf mayor or Timbledon

Notable Factions and Clans

Blood Circle Orcs
Yenchabur Assassins
Red Rock Guild
Father Skinsaw (Norgorber) Cult

We discuss campaign issues in the Forums.

In character recollections and log entries are kept in the Adventure Log.

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