Heroes of Andoran rise from the rabble of the Darkmoon Vale

This is the campaign of a brave band of adventurers set in Andoran, the home of democracy, truth, and justice in the World of Golarion! The party will also travel throughout the inner sea region.

I am Pete, I am the DM of this campaign, one which utilizes the Pathfinder system of the world’s most popular RPG. Learn more about our campaign’s background and its leading characters.

Introduction to Volume II of the Tale:

The party was celebrated as heroes in the town of Kenabres, near the keep where the recent battle between the forces of good and evil took place, and then the party headed south stopping at a small village well-known as a retreat for those weary of the world, Timbeldon, here sits a large and old inn immediately next to the famous hot springs. These hot springs are known for their healing properties. This resort spot sits about half way between Kenabres and the capital of Mendev, Nerosyan. After the first night at this inn, both Kayal and Shizok bid the party farewell. Shizok heads toward the great elven forests of Kyonin and Kayal continues his journey west toward the Shudderwood and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords beyond.

The party’s friend, the fey-blooded sorcerer Shizok invited the party to one last meal, the first night, at Timbledon Inn, before they apparently set out on their own individual journeys. Over wine and a delicious roasted goose and small taters he tells the party he is returning home to his homeland of the elven forest kingdom of Kyonin, but that he shares his specific whereabouts within the kingdom and how any of the party members should go about contacting him should they need his services in the future. He then looks intently at each of the party members:

> There is a great danger that lurks below in ancient tunnels many of which humankind have never seen, these tunnels drill deep and some have connected to the darklands where a great civil war rages. This conflict is reaching its climax and may result in horrible consequences not only through the many forgotten tunnels that connect to it, but the very surface world, as well. There are agents of the darklands, belonging to both sides of this conflict, now roaming the surface world. Their intention is not clear to me, but a friend of mine an elderly human with some magical talents residing not far from the town you are heading, Mr. Grumble, has informed me that he has been in contact with such an agent…

During the second night at Timbledon Inn the party is gathered for supper when they encounter a new companion (or two)… Let the story continue!

Also you can learn more about the progress of our campaign and its world here. There is some more helpful info there.

Heroes of Andorran

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