Heroes of Andorran

Loot from First Part of Under The Hawk's Nest

This is what the party gathered thus far after exploring the strange ancient dungeon far underneath the Hawk’s Nest…

Magic Items:
Dagger +2 (7209 if Sold)

Equipment: (181 if Sold)
7 Short Spears
5 Long Swords
11 Leather Armor
1 Shield

Cash: 140 GP, 55 SP

So 1506 GP, 11 SP Each so far.

Additionally we’ve picked up:
1 Vial of Poison (There is potential to sell it to the Assassins)
1 Cell Key
1 Spyglass (Merrin seemed interested)
1 Unholy Symbol of the Destroyer (I assume this will crack under Grumble’s Hammer)
1 Partial Map of the Darklands (For potential later exploration)



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