Heroes of Andorran

The Hawk's Nest


0129011651The band of heroes are sent by Lady Janna Smilos, Supreme Vessel of the Assassin’s Guild, to assist her disciples — the Yenchabur Assassins with recently arrived creatures underneath their headquarters and home, The Hawk’s Nest. They are offered a great reward and permanent protection by the Yenchabur faction.

The Hawk’s Nest is located a couple miles to the west of Hawk’s Nest built into the cliffside of one side of a rocky bluff. It is an impressive structure with only one passable entrance. The path consists of two wooden bridges that can be collapsed or burned in the event of a siege. A tunnel below the fortress descends more than 1,000 feet into the earth and connects the Hawk’s Nest to a natural aquifer. Outsiders are not permitted within the fortress’ walls.

There have long been rumors that below The Hawk’s Nest lies a small city, home to the families of the assassins in the fortress above. The residents of The Hawk’s Nest shrug off such suggestions and claim their lives there are spent in quiet solitude and study.



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