Heroes of Andorran

The back story

Andoran campaign story

The town of Falcon’s Hollow was besieged by a mysterious plague when a band of adventurers set out to find the cure with the guidance of the town’s healer, Laurel. They were able to collect the ingredients of a cure, and one of the places they traveled to was an abandoned dwarven monastery, long abandoned. Once the cure was distributed through the town, the adventurers decided to continue journeying together, fighting evil as it was infesting DarkMoon Vale.

One of the adventurer’s father was killed by the plague. Another of the adventurer’s, a priest, began to gather a flock of followers in the town. A third adventurer was gathering information on a series of murders of young girls. At the same time, a group of the town’s children had gone missing — and the trail lead them back to the dwarven monastery once again…



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